Lunar Drive is a mixed-staging VR experience that I worked as a developer on for 3D Live, my second project with them. In Lunar Drive, you start seated in a lunar rover styled like a golf cart. An astronaut tour guide greets you as he starts the car and brings you out of an airlock. Over the next two minutes, with spacecraft landing and moon rocks tumbling around you, you are given a guided tour of a near-future colony on the surface of the moon created by sponsors Dell and PGA. At your terminal stop, with golf club in hand, you have free reign to practice your extraterrestrial golfing skills a la Alan Shepard.

Lunar Drive is a simultaneous multiple single player experience for the HTC Vive for three people within a single, wide footprint. Players swing golf clubs using the Vive controllers, and are guided to and from the experience with on-site assistants. It was shown at various PGA tour events throughout the 2015 season and will continue to be displayed throughout the near future. Here's a link from Fortune about it.