Nick Suda (b. 1989) is a student of audio DSP, software programming, electronic music performance/production and sound design currently based in Valencia, California.

A Seattle native, Nick brought a childhood of primitive tape looping, circuit bending, sampling and beat-mashing to an undergraduate degree at Berklee College of Music in 2007. Over the ensuing four years, Nick studied the audio synthesis platforms Csound and Max/MSP to compose for alternative music controllers such as the Mathews Radio Baton and the P5 Glove under the auspices of Dr. Richard Boulanger. Also during that time at Berklee, he worked on the dev team for a series of Csound-based Max for Live plugins, played bass for the electronic rock band Pinn Panelle, and participated in a interdepartmental collaboration with the Music Therapy department which involved the development of custom controller/music software solutions for special education environments.

During a brief return home following graduation, Nick took up a quick internship at Clatter & Din in order to keep himself busy while regrouping, putting out his debut record "Mixed Metaphors" under the name Cloud Canvas in August of 2012 and applying to graduate school. 

Nick then re-relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he took up his first job in the MI industry as a QA for SONiVOX MI; now part of inMusic Brands. During his six month tenure at SONiVOX, Nick participated in the Mac OS X Lion-compliant updates of their major brands such as the DVI series, the Playa Producer Pack and the Dubstep Destruction Tools, as well as testing early versions of the forthcoming AKAI MPC Renaissance and nascent iOS-based projects for Alesis and SONiVOX.

In the Fall of 2012, Nick left inMusic and moved to the Los Angeles area to become one of the first students in an MFA program in Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence & Design (MTIID) at California Institute of the Arts. Studying under Ph.Ds Ajay Kapur, Owen Vallis and Jordan Hochenbaum, Nick has added platforms such as ChucK, Processing, Reaktor, Arduino, and C++ to his toolkit. He continues down a path of research related to electronic musical instrument development, live electronic music performance and the academicization of popular electronic music.

In the summer between his two years at CalArts, Nick checked an entry off of his bucket list and undertook an internship with the Research Department at the headquarters of Native Instruments in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. Nick continues to maintain his relationship with NI as his academic work retains prospects and incentives for their future product development. 

Throughout his academic career, Nick has consistently worked in live sound engineering, webcasting, lighting design, security, stage handing, projection design, sound design, and live audio tracking, both as a work study position at Berklee and CalArts, and privately for theatre companies such as Village Theatre and Lyric Light Opera.