Nick Suda (b. 1989) is a musician, programmer, and digital artist currently based in Los Angeles.

Nick made extremely primitive tape music from broken toys at five years old, and sampled and re-sequenced digital audio on a PC by nine. The accessible embodiment of creative digital processes is Nick's ever-expanding motivation. He is heavily influenced by the work of musicians like Richard D. James and Trent Reznor, by programmers like Barry Threw and Bret Victor, and by digital artists like Sebastian Tomczak and Chris Novello.

A Seattle native, Nick began his training in Boston at Berklee College of Music in 2007. Studying digital audio synthesis platforms (Csound, Max/MSP) under the auspices of Dr. Richard Boulanger, Nick became aware of the world of computer music and alternative musical controllers.

In 2012, Nick relocated to the Los Angeles area to become an inaugural MFA student in Ajay Kapur's Music Technology program at CalArts. Here, Nick broadened his knowledge of software development (C, C++, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Python), interface fabrication (EAGLE, AutoCAD, SketchUp), and the artistic applications of digital technology (Arduino, Processing, ChucK, Reaktor). This culminated with the creation of Touchpoint, an effects processing-based, touchscreen-controlled virtual synthesizer instrument.

Along the way, Nick has worked in musical theater, audio post-production, software plug-ins, digital hardware, embedded systems, television, and new media. He has worked around the world for companies such as Native Instruments, Alesis, Akai, SONiVOX, Sonic FactionVillage Theatre, Lyric Light Opera, Audivation, and Clatter & Din. He is a published researcher in the fields of computer music and digital musical instruments.

For the last year, Nick has acted as Interactive Systems Engineer with Mindride LLC. In that time, he's worked on a mind-controlled television game show, a motion capture/puppeteering-based viral ad campaign, lots of VR projects, and much more. As his skillset transitions to be less specifically about music production and more generally about emergent digital art forms, he has been provided with a platform to explore all kinds of narrative avenues through his work at Mindride.